Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Friends, Family, and the Fourth

This past Saturday was the night of the fireworks or the 4th of July for the United States.  We didn't do much or really celebrate but here are a couple of pictures of our 4th.

Until we next meet,

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Sometimes a break is good.

Like the title says, I needed a break. Did I know it was needed? No. Instead I kept telling myself: "You need to get a post up. Stop watching Netflix and post. Remind Hubby you haven't posted in a while. He will help you get back to it." In truth, I wasn't feeling like blogging. Almost like it became just another thing on my list of to do which never seemed to get done or even half way finished.

Then IT happened. I started  missing blogging. It is my way to write. My way to improve on my skills. A way for me to get away with crafting. There are so many posts started but never finished. Will they ever? Probably not and who cares? I am back now and can't wait to see the words appear out of nowhere to share our little slice of life with y'all.

If I go m.i.a again, I am on Instagram. Feel free to tell me to get back to blogging.  Go check out my feed if you haven't yet. One picture I would like to share from there cause you will meet him soon.

Until we next meet,

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring in Full Swing

Spring has definitely sprung here in Arkansas. Every where you look flowers, bees, and of course gardening. I have been looking at what to plant and enjoying the see counter at my local farm store. 
This is not all of the seed
s they have. Just on the other side there are two smaller drawer cabinets full of seeds. My friend and I spent forever looking around trying to narrow our choices down to just a few. I am sure I got more than I needed right now.

We also found out the seed cabinet is running year round. When it is time to put in our fall garden I know where we will be going for seeds. A great other perk about the farm store is most of the seeds are heirloom!! This means I don't have to buy the same seeds each year and Glitter Bug can grow  some yumminess. 

The only draw back we have right now is our yard. Don't get me wrong I love our place but the yard holds water and our Winter and Spring have been wet. The past couple of days have been the only ones were no muck boots are required to go out in the yard. So we have not had the chance to plant. I think we are looking into raised beds and container gardening. There is nothing like planting a seed knowing in a few weeks there will be something we can eat. 

Also with Spring here Softball is happening in our house. Glitter Bug doesn't care for much other sports than softball. This year she is wanting to practice more so most of my evenings look like this. 

And we do have more chickens on our little farm. Currently we have "adults", "teenagers", and "babies". The babies are for 4H all 17. With the new ones our total is up the 41. Having that many is a little stressful. They are all outside now so no more chickens in my living room. Here are the teenagers a couple of weeks ago.
What is your Spring looking like?

Until we next meet,


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Friday, April 10, 2015


It has been a few weeks since my last post. I wish I could  say it is because I have working and training so hard. It is not any other reason than I got lazy. Not just in blogging but everything. I am ashamed to admit but after my last 5K (February 28th) I have not done much training. In fact the past week has been the hardest. I have been just over 14 miles in the last week. By the time all my duties as a mother are over, I am tired and just do not have the get and go anymore. I am asking you guys to help me. I would love it if you would help me out and keep me motivated. I will be using the hashtag(Thank you Alison for the idea) #getfitalicia I will be using this on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It may just a update on what I am doing or picture. Thank you for your help and encouragement.

Until we next meet,

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Family, Friends and a 5K

This year of potential has been full. Lots of walks/runs with friends. These past couple of weeks have been lots of miles and it has been wonderful. The training for my 5K on the 28th has been steady. Then I went and did something completely crazy.

On Thursday, I found out there was a 5K schedule for the 21st right here in my town. The first thing was think I should totally do this and then the next thought was "What are you thinking? You are already doing one next week. Don't ask for trouble."  I decided to stuff the negative thoughts down and just go.  Holly couldn't go (even though she is the one who told me about the race) and it was looking like I was going to do it alone. I mean my Hubby and Glitter Bug were going to be there to cheer me on. And another friend agreed to go with me.

So the big day arrived today. I am totally rocking those running pants and basketball shorts. This is pre-race still smiling because I have no clue what is coming up. And the nerves kicking in, big time! Thank goodness Hubby, Glitter Bug, and Jack were still calm and telling me the race can be done. Not long after this picture was taken they called for all the runner to head to the start line. As the runners starting lining up, I was second thoughts but Jack was there to help me start and finish the race. Then boom! We were off, running up hill. At this point, I found out I still need lots of training to do. There was running, walking and talking for the first two miles. 

Remember the basket ball shorts? They became too much in this heat (if you call 60 degrees heat. I do in winter). So here we are in a house subdivision walking and I stop and remove the basket ball shorts.  Giggle fit hit because I am pretty sure seeing a woman stepping out of shorts was funny. 

I will not lie the last mile was very hard and I totally thought the end would never come. When the mile 3 sign was spotted a little part of me just wanted to go hug the sign and stay there but Jack was encouraging me to finish the race. 

49 minutes after I started the race, I finished the race. My first 5K was under an hour and over! Then it hit me: I can't wait until the next 5K. 

Until we next meet,

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Monday, January 12, 2015

First steps into the year of Potential

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about  my word for the year: Potential. This word has weighed heavy with me. Not in a negative way but rather in way which has started this year off to a good start. Today is the 12th day of the year and the days have been more happy moments than unhappy moments. I am not saying everything has been all roses. Life has a funny way of throwing kinks into plans and bring up unpleasant thoughts.

I was having one of the unpleasant mornings and then I saw on Facebook something about a 5k run in Springhill Louisiana called State line Dash.  Part of the proceeds will go to the American Heart Association and the Go Red for Women Campaign. As I looked over this page more, I decided to send the link to Hubby to see what he said about it.  He sent a text back and told me to go for it. There was a month before it happens so I better get ready. This shocked me. He even said he himself and Glitter Bug will be there to cheer me on. A feather could have knocked me over.

So off I went to sign up for this race. Yes, you read it right, I signed up for a race. As in this is really happening.

In the next few weeks, keep checking back how things are going and how the word Potential is working in here in my little world.

Until we next meet,


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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, new things.

Today is the first day of a new year. 2015 if just full of things to come, what can be done and what memories can be made.

This year I wanted to participate in the word for the year. About a week ago, I began to think what word could help me. Seriously, choosing a word kind felt like I was picking out my child's name. First I got a list of words together and then narrowed down to about ten words. Next, I looked at those words and looked and looked but nothing was speaking to me.

Then it hit me. Just like most things hit you as I was trying to fall asleep. The word flashed across my mind in bright neon lights.

Makes perfect sense to me as I saw it written. Potential of what I can do, what can happen, what can go right, what can go wrong, what can be crafted, what can be written, or even what can be let go. 

There was another word which spoke to me as well: write. So unofficially write will be my word too. I need the extra push to write. I love to make stories but have never finished them. If you feel like helping me out every now and then ask  me if I have been writing or even ask to read some I have wrote. 

I am looking forward to this year and keep checking back here to see the potential happening here. What is your word for this year? 

Until we next meet,

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