Sunday, February 22, 2015

Family, Friends and a 5K

This year of potential has been full. Lots of walks/runs with friends. These past couple of weeks have been lots of miles and it has been wonderful. The training for my 5K on the 28th has been steady. Then I went and did something completely crazy.

On Thursday, I found out there was a 5K schedule for the 21st right here in my town. The first thing was think I should totally do this and then the next thought was "What are you thinking? You are already doing one next week. Don't ask for trouble."  I decided to stuff the negative thoughts down and just go.  Holly couldn't go (even though she is the one who told me about the race) and it was looking like I was going to do it alone. I mean my Hubby and Glitter Bug were going to be there to cheer me on. And another friend agreed to go with me.

So the big day arrived today. I am totally rocking those running pants and basketball shorts. This is pre-race still smiling because I have no clue what is coming up. And the nerves kicking in, big time! Thank goodness Hubby, Glitter Bug, and Jack were still calm and telling me the race can be done. Not long after this picture was taken they called for all the runner to head to the start line. As the runners starting lining up, I was second thoughts but Jack was there to help me start and finish the race. Then boom! We were off, running up hill. At this point, I found out I still need lots of training to do. There was running, walking and talking for the first two miles. 

Remember the basket ball shorts? They became too much in this heat (if you call 60 degrees heat. I do in winter). So here we are in a house subdivision walking and I stop and remove the basket ball shorts.  Giggle fit hit because I am pretty sure seeing a woman stepping out of shorts was funny. 

I will not lie the last mile was very hard and I totally thought the end would never come. When the mile 3 sign was spotted a little part of me just wanted to go hug the sign and stay there but Jack was encouraging me to finish the race. 

49 minutes after I started the race, I finished the race. My first 5K was under an hour and over! Then it hit me: I can't wait until the next 5K. 

Until we next meet,

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Monday, January 12, 2015

First steps into the year of Potential

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about  my word for the year: Potential. This word has weighed heavy with me. Not in a negative way but rather in way which has started this year off to a good start. Today is the 12th day of the year and the days have been more happy moments than unhappy moments. I am not saying everything has been all roses. Life has a funny way of throwing kinks into plans and bring up unpleasant thoughts.

I was having one of the unpleasant mornings and then I saw on Facebook something about a 5k run in Springhill Louisiana called State line Dash.  Part of the proceeds will go to the American Heart Association and the Go Red for Women Campaign. As I looked over this page more, I decided to send the link to Hubby to see what he said about it.  He sent a text back and told me to go for it. There was a month before it happens so I better get ready. This shocked me. He even said he himself and Glitter Bug will be there to cheer me on. A feather could have knocked me over.

So off I went to sign up for this race. Yes, you read it right, I signed up for a race. As in this is really happening.

In the next few weeks, keep checking back how things are going and how the word Potential is working in here in my little world.

Until we next meet,


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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, new things.

Today is the first day of a new year. 2015 if just full of things to come, what can be done and what memories can be made.

This year I wanted to participate in the word for the year. About a week ago, I began to think what word could help me. Seriously, choosing a word kind felt like I was picking out my child's name. First I got a list of words together and then narrowed down to about ten words. Next, I looked at those words and looked and looked but nothing was speaking to me.

Then it hit me. Just like most things hit you as I was trying to fall asleep. The word flashed across my mind in bright neon lights.

Makes perfect sense to me as I saw it written. Potential of what I can do, what can happen, what can go right, what can go wrong, what can be crafted, what can be written, or even what can be let go. 

There was another word which spoke to me as well: write. So unofficially write will be my word too. I need the extra push to write. I love to make stories but have never finished them. If you feel like helping me out every now and then ask  me if I have been writing or even ask to read some I have wrote. 

I am looking forward to this year and keep checking back here to see the potential happening here. What is your word for this year? 

Until we next meet,

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Handmade Ornament Exchange

This year is the third year I have participated in Arkansas Women Bloggers handmade ornament exchange. Since Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I was excited when this was announced we would do this again. I signed up right away and waited to be paired with another blogger who was going to get my ornament. A couple of months ago the email arrived and I was paired with Talya from Grace Grits and Gardening. Go check her out! I promise you like her.

Now, the blogger who got my name is Jodie from The Coffee House Life.  She is a wonderful sweet lady and a great friend.
Now I have the joy to know her in real life but we are from the same town. When she came to the gym at work, I thought she was there to come help with wreath making for Christmas and Candlelight. However, she brought me a box.

 Cute is the box! She wanted to give it to me before she forgot. When I opened it up she had left me a card.

In the note, she said the acorn caps came from their own place and her and her little coffees are going to be making one for themselves. Glitter Bug could not wait to get this on the tree. 

It is an amazing fit on our tree. I love how Momma Coffee spent time to figure out something great for us.  See our tree will never grace magazine covers or be featured on blogs but it is our tree and tells amazing stories about our life. 
Add caption
The bottom part has never had lights put on it. This goes back to when Glitter Bug was a baby/toddler and loved to pull lights to look at them. 

And here is our ornament from my parents when we moved into our own home. 

Remember this from last year? This is from last year's ornament exchange. 

And this one was the first ornament my parents gave Hubby and I  when we had our first place together way back in 2005.  

Share your favorite ornament in the comments! Can't wait to hear all about them. 

Until we next meet,

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

AR 529

Every year my mom asks me the same thing: What does Glitter Bug want for Christmas? And it is just about time for that dreaded question. Seriously, this question ranks right up there with breaking a bone in my opinion. I really don't have a clue what she wants. She is one of those children who never really asks for anything expect for a book and candy.  This year I am armed and ready for this question thanks to AR529.
I had never hear of this wonderful program until I had a chance to go to P. Allen Smith home to learn about this great program.
AR529 is a way to save for college for your child or another family member. Right there caught my attention. I have a few nieces and nephews who are all around the same age as my daughter. If my daughter didn't need any of the money we saved then, one of the other children could benefit from the saving. Or Hubby could use some to take a couple of classes. And there is also a little something for the person making the gift. Your gift is
Eligible, as an Arkansas taxpayer, for a state income tax deduction of up to $10,000, if you're married and filing jointly; or up to $5,000, if you're single.
You get to help yourself now and your child later. So it is kind of like two gifts in one.

Also, this makes a great baby shower gift. Babies grow so fast which means the clothes from the baby shower will be a short lived thing and a gift towards their future won't be a short lived thing.

As the season of gifts is upon us, think about a child's future and give the gift which keeps on giving AR529

Go check out my friends Jessica and Sharla who also went to learn about AR529 and check back soon for all the pictures of our trip and all the fun we had.

I was invited to Moss Mountain to learn about this program. All opinions are my own.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dazzle Days at Conway

Last week, was Dazzle Days in Conway Arkansas. When I got invited by Arkansas Women Bloggers to 
go this event I was excited. I had really no clue to what Dazzle Days really was.  Full of surprises awaited me.  The Conway Expo Center was FULL of vendors and couldn't wait to get started. 
This had to come home with me. It came from the Kitchen & More booth. It is also a store downtown Conway. There were a couple of other necklaces and even a cutting board in the shape of Arkansas. 

Meet Cyndi of The Twisted Purl.

She is one of the most talented ladies I know. She spins wool into yarn. She also makes these little things called felted soaps.

These are carried in 80 stores in 5 countries. And you can buy them here. And don't forget about her hand felted snowmen. They are so cute. 
Awww too cute! 

These ladies!
And seeing these two made my night. It has been too long since I saw them both. In 2013, we shared a cabin at our first Arkansas Women Blogger Conference and this was insta-friendship.

There were also other Arkansas companies like Petit Jean Meats and Southern Girl Soapery.  There was so much shopping to be done.  Next year I hope to go back and remember to bring more money with me.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

You don't know it but you have made me one proud Mom. I am so glad to call you mine. Well, I really have been since the day your dad and I found out you were hanging out in my stomach. However, this past week you became a very independent young lady.

We all went to your eye doctor appointment since you failed your eye exam at school. None of us where really wanting to go but there we all were. You wanted Daddy to go with you but I knew I was the one who needed to go back with you. See Moms just know sometimes no one else will work. As the decision was given to you about needing glasses you looked so sad and upset.
When asked why you were upset you told me: "It's because I have to get glasses and everyone is going to make fun of me." My heart broke when you spoke these words. You have to go back to school and there was no way I could stop the teasing from happening. All I could tell you is you will be able to see better and you will be fine. However, inside I was hurting for you.  

Then you did something which surprised your Dad and I. When you put your glasses on and could see so much better, your whole attitude about glasses changed. There you were all smiles and so happy. 

Right then and there, you made the decision to keeping your head up, keep smiling and not care what people thought. In that moment, there was another step toward growing up you took all by yourself. Even though I miss my little girl who would snuggle at every chance, the young lady you are turning into makes up for the missed snuggles. I pray you will keep growing and keeping your head held high and always remember Momma is always here for you.

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