Monday, September 22, 2014

Little Smell Savers: Odor Check

I have received product and/or monies for the review. The opinions express are my own.  

There is a dirty little smelly secret in my house. My husband's boots. Like most men, Hubby's boots always have a powerful smell after a day of work. There have been talk of banning his boots outside right after he takes them off. And this year has been wet especially this summer which makes the smell worse. 

I had gotten Odor Check to test and I thought after a rainy day that this would be a great time to try out and see if they lived up to their name. 
These really are great!

Hubby's boots after a raining day. 
One for the right.
One for the left. 
I was not hoping for much of since I haven't found anything to help with the smell or the dampness. After letting them sit in them over night, Hubby reported his boots didn't smell or even have a slight damp to them. 

Now, there is no talk of banning his boots which makes Hubby very happy. These have been a life saver. We will be buying more of these.

Go check out their Facebook page.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Things I learned from the Hope Watermelon Festival

Here are the things I learned from the Hope Watermelon Festival this year:

1. Rain will not stop people.
Really it wasn't too bad even with the rain. It didn't get too hot and the sun did finally come out. Seriously though, the rain did not stop people from coming out. I really thought there would hardly be anyone that morning. To my surprise, it was pretty busy. Maybe the rain dampened some plans however, things were still full in swing.

2. My SUV will get stuck in the mud.
Found this one little gem out the hard way. By this point, I was ready to go. Glitter Bug came back to where all the family was(she was with other family so it was all good.) and I was ready to go spend time with her since she stayed with Great-Grandparents for two nights in a row. Boy did she look like a drowned rat with tangles all in her hair. I didn't get a picture of how she looked but trust me it was not pretty. So we get ready to leave and next thing I know, the car is not moving anymore. Thank goodness, family was there. After a couple of pushes, we were on our way again.
Poor bumper looks a lot worse now. The paint is peeling. 
3. Punishment doesn't always work.
Back to my child who looked like she had played in the rain. She had long hair. Maybe to the middle of her back. (She is now about 4'4 inches tall. Pretty tall for a 7 year old) If her hair is left down it looks like it hasn't been brushed ever. We have tried everything to get her to put it up with no chance. So off to the salon to get it cut. Don't get me wrong, I know it's her hair and she wants long hair. However, it needed to been trimmed too. We told her it was time to get it cut. Usually she has a fit over this but makes her think about why it is important to take care of your hair. Little did I know, she LOVES her "short" hair. 
What she calls her "short' hair. It is just below her shoulders when straight.

4. Family is always a good thing to have.
I am glad to have my husband's family. Really they are my family too. It is nice to sit down and enjoy a meal together with them. It is so awesome to have this yearly tradition of having supper together at the festival. Maybe the festival is really just one giant family gathering for us. 

Until we next meet,


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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Good Advice

Last weekend we picked up Glitter Bug from my parents and actually got to spend some time with them.
I like to share with them things happening with us even though I talk to my mom many times a week. This time I was showing my Daddy only in Arkansas site which Arkansas Women Bloggers (who are positive group of women)  provide the stories and post for. He went on to tell me about how some bloggers only attack others and focus on the negative. He shared this nugget of wisdom: "It's easy to focus on the negative and hard to focus on the positive."
It has struck a cord with me. Yes it is hard to focus on the positive. Even when things are going great for yourself, something creeps in and makes the negative seem important.

Several times this week already, I have found myself thinking negative but then I hear Daddy's voice saying this again. Such a little thought but powerful. Maybe we get to be adults, we don't listen to our parents as much as we should. I am thankful for things like this to help me realize I am not as grown up as I should be. Also grateful to have both my parents share wisdom.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Address!!!

Did you notice the address of my blog has changed? No? I don't think you are alone. Yesterday I took a big step and got my own domain name. It is time to grow and expand. Really excited to make some changes. The name will be easy to remember:

Keep checking back. Changes are coming and hope you will bare with me though this process.

Until we next meet,
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our New Backyard Pets

This is the second year we have had chickens. Last year our chickens didn't make it through the first night outside. So far we have made two weeks and things are looking great. There are 24 chickens. Yes 24! We are hoping most of them are hens. So there will be new chickens maybe by next spring. 

Glitter Bug named this one "Fuzzy Legs"

So excited to have them eat out of my hand. The big white ones tend to peck my fingers! OUCH!!

This is one of the Bantams. Batman..

This is the only Coon action we have seen. 

Only can get to the chicken food. 

Hanging out eating clover flowers.

This is Duo...Kinda explains it's self. 

This is Robin the other Bantam. 
We are excited to see them grow up and maybe add more chickens or other animals to our little place.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Springtime and softball

Last year Glitter Bug did T-ball and didn't really care much for it. So when Spring rolled around, I was think we would be spared the whole thing of practices and games. Then the paperwork came home. Hubby and I decided to wait to see if Glitter Bug said anything. With the deadline looming quickly, nothing was said until the night before it was due...
Close to bedtime, she runs into the living room with the paper and says:"This is due tomorrow and I really really want to play."  Hubby replied with if you really want to then you are going to have to do extra practices and keep up with school work. She agreed and has kept her end of the bargain.
Totally worth it. 
Until we next meet,

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